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Kenmore Elite 469918 Refrigerator Air Filter


About this item

  • If you are not sure about applicability/compatibility, please consult us and provide your model number/pics of the label before ordering.
  • Avoid time-consuming returns by contacting us prior to purchase. We can make sure you're purchasing the correct replacement part for your appliance.
  • Want to be featured on our listing? Send us a 60 second or less video of your successful installation. You will help others see how easy the process is.
  • If you are unsure of the authenticity of the part, ask the seller for pictures of the front and back of the product before purchasing. If different from ours, ask the seller if his is genuine or generic.

We are dedicated to providing the ideal service and products for the complete satisfaction of our customers with GENUINE and premium OEM replacement parts. Superior quality is our obligation! OEM Mania has been committed to getting more cost-effective for customers, High-quality parts should be applied to every family, "durability", "applicability" and "long service life" have become the distinctive features of OEM Mania.

Our mission is to bring you a healthier, more comfortable & convenient life through what we love. OEM Mania has a professional production workshop and a high-quality quality inspection department to strictly control quality problems before product sales. We are to develop products that meet customer needs based on customer needs. This is a form of mutual promotion.

Supported Models

LFX31945ST,LFX25991ST,LFX31925SB, LFX31925ST, LFX31935ST, LFX31925SW, LMX31985ST, LFX33975ST, LFXS30766S, LMXS30776S, LSFD2591ST, LFXS24623S, LFXS32766S, LMXS27626S, LFXS30726S/00, LFXS30726S/01, LFXS30726S/02, LFXC24726S/00, LFXC24726S/01,LFXC24726S/02, LFX29937ST, LFX28968ST, LMXC23746S, LFXC24726D, LFX28968SB, LFXS29766S, LFXS24623B, LSFD2491ST, LFXS27566S, LFXS30766D, LMXC23746D, LFXS24663S, LMXS30776D, LFXS29626S, LMXS27626D, LFXS32726S

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